A green IT solution

For the next generation corporation, reducing carbon footprint is no longer a matter of ethics, it has become a necessity. Maintenance and service of huge, power hungry data-centers is a liability that is no longer viable. Several studies have shown that customers tend to opt for greener corporations with a reduced carbon footprint. Going green not only boosts the organization’s image in the market, but also reduces direct financial overheads.

The Q removes the traditional limitations for computing power imposed by physical-geographical boundaries. Now high quality computing power is available on-demand and with a significantly lower overhead. Service and maintenance shifts off your backyard onto specialized datacenters in remote locations.

The Q uniquely manages and protects your critical desktop environment, while maximizing system performance and capacity. As application needs change, the Q is able to scale rapidly without causing disruption. With the Q, organizations of any size will realize the following features and benefits:

  • Reduce data center energy costs and meet corporate sustainability objectives by improving utilization of existing assets
  • Fulfill corporate and government mandates to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by improving hardware utilization
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